Chrupki kukurydziane Borowik

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About us

Processing Food Company - Borowik s.c. was established in 1986 by Teresa and Andrzej Borowik in Legionowo. A quality of our products was our priority from the very beginning. We achieved that by improving our prescriptions, selecting products scrupulously as well as modifying production methods.

Our company has a drawned up GMP system (Good Hygienic Practice), GHP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), what guarantee the quality on the highest level.


The company's strategy is strictly connected with drawing up and implementing original and personal concepts. We do our best to meet requirements and expectations of the most demanding consumers especially children. Corn snacks enjoy not only children but adults as well. Puffs contain corn grits only - as a result they are easy to chew even for toothless children and babies. Our company is concentrated on the constant development and production of the highest quality achieved mainly by the use of raw materials of the best quality (FreeGMO corn grits) and well-educated staff. Our long-term experience in production and trade provides satysfying cooperation with other companies.

Contact us!

As a very flexible company, we cooperate with numerous firms, warehouses, commercial networks and companies from abroad. If you own a warehouse, please do not hesitate to contact us.