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Our offer

We are engaged in making products from corn grains. We produce corn snacks of unusual shapes and patterns thanks to the usage of hand-made equipment and our own technology. We provide the consumers with solid and high quality products. We take individual and non-standard orders like ball puffs of different sizes, plaiting puffs, maize grits and even for export.

Corn gruel


  • The product for direct consumption.
  • Unit package / film bag / 180 g.
  • Multipack – a box containing 12 pcs.
  • Pallet - 63 boxes.
  • Shelf life - 12 months.

The corn gruel is free from flavour and aroma ingredients, commonly called aromas. The product does not contain any emulsifiers – thickeners, preservatives or antioxidants. There are no “E” additives in the product.

The gruel is not enriched with vitamins or other healthy ingredients. The examinations performed in the Accredited Laboratory of Food Industry showed that the product is suitable for consumption and that the corn gruel is a gluten-free product ([WE] Committee’s Regulation No, 41/2009 of 20th January about components of labeling of foodstuffs suitable for persons with gluten intolerance).

The gruel is produced of the Polish corn free from GMO. We suggest it can be used in different ways for gruel-based meals. It is possible to add fresh fruit, juice, jam, (for example if we add fresh strawberries we get a strawberry gruel and if we add bananas, we get banana gruel). However, vitamin additives should be consulted with a doctor.

Puffed corn snacks

This is a well-known and valued product in Poland. Our popular snacks are mainly made from maize grits. As a raw material they are used for the production of chocolate-covered products and ice-cream. As a snack, they can be used as an essential element when being on diet. Average portion provides an oganism with 25% of the daily demand for the nutrients like group B vitamins, vitamin A and selenium.

Corn snacks

Standard 150 G

Corn snacks

Standard 200 G

Corn snacks


Corn snacks

Plait 90 G

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As a very flexible company, we cooperate with numerous firms, warehouses, commercial networks and companies from abroad. If you own a warehouse, please do not hesitate to contact us.